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ATD Oklahoma Statewide Conference 2019

Thursday, October 24Pre-Conference 2:00 - 5:00 p.m.

Should You Be A Consultant? – And, if you are - How Do You Take Your Consulting Business to the Next Level? 

Bob Pike CSP, CPAE, CPLP Fellow

In this special pree-conference session Bob Pike will share the five questions to ask before you make the leap to external consulting. (And over half what he shares can apply to people who are internal!) And this can happen while you are still employed full-time. Bob will share his journey from being a solo consultant to building a multimillion-dollar training and consulting company – then selling it in 2013 – and continuing to work in his boutique consulting practice – because he loves what he does!

Module 1. 5  Questions to Ask Before You Make the Leap

Module 2. 7 Ways to Build Visibility and Credibility as a Consultant

  • Write – do you have a book? Bob will share a strategy for getting one written and in print in just 90 days. You’ll also gain an article and blog post strategy.
  • Join – not just organizations, but also social networks. But which? And why? Bob will share his top 2 organizations to join (and ATD is one of them!) and the 4 social networks you want to be part of. More importantly – how do you engage and contribute on social networks without getting overwhelmed?
  • Serve – we join not to get, but to give. Where can you serve – and why does Bob have a goal of serving at least ten individuals per day?
  • Present – not just for a fee, but also for free. Bob will help you develop a list for both – and how he approaches them – as well as his top five places to present.
  • Endorse others – Bob will cover where, why, and how – and why this is so important.
  • Social Media – Bob covered connection – but this part is about marketing. He’ll start with where and how to start on LinkedIn and Facebook.
  • Testimonials, Recommendations, and Reviews in step 6 we endorsed others. Now how do you get social proof for yourself? Bob will show you how!

Module 3. Taking Your Business to the Next Level

  • Do you have a practice or a business? Which do you want? Creating active versus passive income.
  • Two Ways to Multiply Yourself. – people and products. Six ways to clone yourself with people 2 purposes of any product.
  • Bob’s powerful content development process – for both marketing and delivery!
  • 12 Ways to Repurpose Any single piece of IP to build your business.
  • How Bob created his first book – and how he does it today (in 75% less time)!
  • Pricing – free to fee – and Bob’s key question.
  • Value based versus time-based pricing – a powerful case study.

Module 4: Writing a Million Dollar Proposal in Just 3 Hours!

You get a phone call. A client wants a proposal by close of business today - just three hours from now. You are competing for a dream assignment with two other groups. Can you create a compelling proposal? In this session Bob will share the exact proposal process he has used in this session multiple times. Included will be:

  • Why Bob uses the word "proposal" only once in the document -- and the power phrase that is used the rest of the time.
  • The three stages that must be part of the proposal process.
  • Why the document says: "Some of the identified..." rather than having a complete list.
  • Why the word "cost" is never used -- and what goes in its place.
  • The critical items that go immediately before and after the pricing information.
  • Why and where the word "authorized" must be used.
  • How to create a timeline and a narrative of work - and why they are critical.

Early-Bird registration for the Pre-Conference Workshop with Bob Pike is only $79! Register today!


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